We offer an innovative surface treatment method that combines traditional EPA-approved industrial cleaning solutions with proven electrostatic technology that cleans thoroughly, including the places that are most difficult to reach.

Electrostatic spray surface cleaning involves distributing electrostatically charged disinfecting spray onto all surfaces and objects in your business. This electrostatic mist includes a solution that combines with the air and is atomized inside the sprayer using an electrode. When the solution leaves the sprayer, it releases with a positive electrical charge which attracts to negative surfaces for thorough disinfection.

Perhaps best of all, the electrical charge assures the electrostatic spray will coat and clean all surfaces, unlike a simple water-based solution. That provides not just total sanitization but total peace of mind.

Clean Akron offers this cost-effective commercial cleaning service to help keep facilities safe and businesses open while ensuring their customers remain safe as well. In the process, our services ensure businesses keep running by offering time savings and headache relief so that companies can focus on what they do best.


You won’t just want to have a sense of comfort in your workplace, you’ll want commercial disinfection and sanitization services done in a timely manner and in a way that your business isn’t interrupted. Clean Akron will execute a timely solution that best suits the needs of your specific business.

With many businesses now open to employees and the public, you’ll want the peace of mind that comes with reducing the risk of Coronavirus exposure. Our cleaning and disinfection service is an important part of the reopening of commerce – wearing masks and washing hands only go so far in making sure everyone involved is as safe as possible in this pandemic. 

In addition, traditional cleaning methods like dry-dusting or cleaning with solutions are sufficient for day-to-day cleaning but aren’t necessarily effective against a viral pandemic such as Coronavirus. Commercial cleaning services take cleaning and sanitization a step farther in the best way for your business.

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